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Urban Entrepreneur Partnership (UEP)

DRF Industries is hosting an online survey and focus group sessions on behavior of The Urban Entrepreneur Partnership Inc. (UEP), a national program of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, who has been awarded a grant benefiting entrepreneurs in Houston. The Kauffman Foundation is the global leader in entrepreneurial education.

Houston Endowment has granted the UEP funding to identify, analyze and recommend potential strategies and programs for three Houston community areas, Galena Park, Gulfton, and East End, that will transform nonprofit organizations into more sustainable and entrepreneurial organizations. The grant will also fund development of a plan to improve the viability, profitability and scalability of minority businesses.

The UEP is delighted to accept these significant awards, which will enable us to expand our business- and community-building efforts in the Gulf Coast, while also developing programs to help Houston’s nonprofits and minority entrepreneurs grow into more viable, profitable and sustainable organizations.

The UEP-A Program of the Kauffman Foundation is a premium business solution designed to produce rapid return on investment through a choice of delivery systems — video coaching, a traditional brick-and-mortar model, or a hybrid of the two-Distinguished by a unique and innovative one-to-one coaching model, the UEP offers a suite of business solutions that connect you to success.

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We will select focus group participants from the people and organizations that participate in the online survey. Focus group participants will receive a $25 incentive upon completion of session.