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Chief Operating Officer


Darrell Ford is responsible for preforming analytics on energy products such as fixed rate, variable, market–based, and time of use rates in the electric energy industry. He provides energy consulting services for an extensive group of Retail Electric Providers and has also provided energy scheduling services in the ERCOT market for various Loading Service Entities. Mr. Ford has an in-depth knowledge of the energy industry, including load forecasting and load profile development, and has provided key education and training services to Commercial and Residential consumers on Smart Grid and Meter technology.

Darrell Ford’s qualifications include over 7 years of experience as a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) Manager; extensive consulting experience and hands on experience in Load forecasting for Load Servicing Entities; and extensive knowledge and consulting experience on the procurement of wholesale energy. Additionally, Mr. Ford possesses a strong proficiency in project planning and task allocation.

Darrell Ford began receiving his ERCOT and QSE training of the utility market in 2006 through classroom education and extensive personal research.  Since that time, he has worked with REPs such as, National Power Company and with Utility Management Corporations, such as Louisiana Utility Solutions; as well as working closely with the Public Service Commissioner. He has provided detailed auditing and technical analysis of the factors and procedures used to create, manage and render utility billings. He has also performed extensive research of the utility market, including tariffs, rules, regulations, and laws. Mr. Ford attended Southeastern University, with a concentration in Computer Science and Business Management.